Årets hälsoföretag 

Which company would you like to challenge?

Årets hälsoföretag, translated Health Business Of The Year, is the first business idea that booked a time slot at Barcamper to present and pitch their idea.


Let’s learn a little more about the company: It’s based outside Skånes many municipalities and meeting us at our first stop the 26th of April in Veberöd. The business idea is based on a health challenge for companies and enterprises. The participants can either compete against other companies or challenge each other internally within the organization. The company or department within a company who registers most physical activities during 12 weeks have the chance to win the healthiest company of the year award, something that obviously is an impressive team effort!

Karolina Silfverberg, the founder of Årets Hälsoföretag, loves to see others develop and succeed. Her life wouldn’t be as fun as it is today without activity and exercise! This mindset is something that she and her colleagues want to carry out in all of Swedens organizations and challenge them to be both healthier individuals, teams and companies.

Let's see if they will get our team sweat! Italy vs Sweden?

Read more about Årets hälsoföretag here!

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